Arjit Sharma

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"Let Curiosity Lead the Way"

Hello I m Arjit.I'm currently pursuing BTech from DIT University,Dehradun.Ever since I took Java in 9th standard I have always been interested in solving problems with coding.That is the reason I chose Computer Science in order to explore the field.Now I love to create cool things in part time along with formal studies.I have learned so much from the community and I wish to give it back.I still have a lot to learn and grow.


C, Java, Python ,HTML ,CSS , Javscript ,PHP

Other Tools/Technologies

Wordpress, MySQL, Bootstrap /Materialize, Android App Development, git


I have done some WebD , Android and ML projects. In order to complete these projects I have followed blogs ,tutorials and MOOCs and every time I have added some or other extra feature in order to understand the concepts.

Mini Projects

I do a lot of mini projects to learn new things here is a clutter of some of them. I've worked with Web Dev and I'm reasonably comfortable in it but apart from that Unity with C# , Java-android , etc are some other things that I've tried


  1. Java for Android - Coursera
  2. Programming in Java - IIT K- NPTEL
  3. Android Summer Training - CETPA
  4. Digital Marketting - Google
  5. Git: The Big Picture - Pluralsight
  6. Practical PHP - Udemy
  7. Frontend Bootcamp - learncodeonline

About this site

This website is made purely with HTML,CSS and Bootstrap from ground up. For code highlighting prism library was used and for background particle.js was used.